Hotel Quality Bath Towel Care and Laundering Tips

September 17, 2022

Towels are an integral element of our life – we utilize towels to clean the hands of our bodies and even our dishes. How often should we clean them? What is the most efficient method to wash them?

Many experts agree that towels need to be cleaned after 3-4 use. This prevents the growth of germs and other toxins. But what’s the best method of washing them? If you want a way to maintain your towel luxuriously and soft, adhere to these tips for cleaning them. If you wash your towels at the wrong temperature can cause them to feel rough and stiff. So, make sure you follow these tips!

What is the ideal temperature at which to wash towels?

It’s essential to be aware not to fill too much or too full during the washing process. If it’s complete, it won’t have enough space so that the device can thoroughly cleanse the clothes. If it’s not filled, your clothes will get damaged faster, and you’ll be able to buy fresh towels sooner rather than later.

The optimal temperature for washing towels for your home washing appliances should be 40°C. A temperature of 40 degrees will keep the towels in good shape and at their best for longer while removing most of the germs that grow within the towels. If you’re using an extractor washer and continuous batch washers, wash your towels with hot water and then use detergent before making use of them. This will help to bind loose fibres, prevent pulling threads and improve absorption. To produce towels with whiteness that is high when washed and to avoid graying, a suitable temperature is required to expand the yarn and remove any dirt. The next step is to apply the correct amount of detergent. It’s essential to maintain the soil from the wash, so it doesn’t re-accumulate onto the towel.

We recommend washing in a moderately dipping at 38 degrees for around four minutes in the first prewashing process. This is just a three-quarter of the detergent. The detergent used in washer-extractors or tunnel washers must be approximately 4 grams per kilogram. The wash aims to break up proteins with stains like food, vomit blood, food, and more. Be sure not to exceed the temperature since it can result in staining, making their removal almost impossible.

Then you can wash it at a low water temperature of 75 ° for about 12 minutes with the remaining 2/3 of your detergent. To clean, rinse at high temperature for 3 minutes, using about six milliliters of linen dry with sodium hypochlorite, when you need to eliminate the stain. Make sure you wash at a cool temperature. Then spin for about a minute. This will significantly improve the effectiveness of the rinse, as the remaining wash chemicals are eliminated. After the second rinse, be rinsed at a high dip level for 3 minutes at a cold temperature. An appropriate antichlor should be included in the last rinse to neutralize the hypochlorite and protect the fabric from damage completely.

Then, you can spin for nine minutes at a fast speed to obtain the maximum quantity of water. Spinners use 1/15th of the energy for each one liter of water extracted, less than the tumble dryer. Efficient water extraction will cut down time in comparison to a tumble dryer. Adding fabric softener to the final rinse will increase the softness and odor. However, we do not recommend this since it may cause over-lubrication of fibers, reduce water absorption and result in loss of fiber.

What is the best way To Dry And Dampen My hotel towels after washing?

Drying your towels might seem like an easy task, but it’s an effective way to ensure your towels emerge looking and feeling the best they can. After washing them, the most effective way to let them dry and moisten the towels is to hang them outdoors in the sunlight. The sun’s rays will clean away any stains and also aid in drying them fast. When you aren’t able to get access to an outdoor clothesline or the weather isn’t suitable to hang them outside, you can dry your towels in a low-temperature setting or by using drying racks.

They can also be hung in a bright kitchen or bathroom with a vent fan when you do not have access to a space outside. This will help with getting air circulated and speed up drying. No matter which method you pick, avoid over-loading the towel to ensure it is dried evenly. After drying them, you can fold them and put them in a linen closet or drawer.

What are the best ways to keep towels in top shape for a long time?

Good housekeepers know that towels must be cleaned frequently and stored to keep them clean and fresh. But what is the ideal method to store towels once they’ve been washed to ensure they remain in good shape? The most efficient way to store towels is to fold them up and place them in an area with a linen closet or drawer. This can help keep them from becoming damaged or wrinkled. If you have to hang them, make sure to use a broad-gauge hanger to ensure they don’t stretch to the point of being a mess. Also, avoid the storage of wet towels inside hampers or in laundry baskets since this can lead to mildew. If you follow these easy guidelines, you can be sure that your towels stay in good shape for a long time. Washing and storing them frequently will ensure that your clothes look and feel new. 

When Should I Replace My Worn-Out Towels?

This section gives some suggestions regarding when you should replace your bathroom towel. Towels  constitute an essential element of every household, and many are used daily. They are used for everything from drying after showers to removing spills towels play a crucial part in keeping your house neat and comfortable. However, they are prone to wear out, especially if they’re made of a light and absorbent fabric. What is the best time to replace your old towel? 

Changing your towels at least every six months to 12 months is recommended. If you use your towels regularly and frequently, you might need to change them often. If you find the towels beginning to lose their absorption, it’s time to purchase new towels.


Quality hotel towels are an essential component of any home. They are strong and absorbent. They can last for a long time with the proper treatment. It is vital to clean them frequently and properly store them to ensure they are performing as well as they can. If it’s time to change your towels, ensure to select a top-quality item that lasts for a long time. If you follow these easy steps, you’ll be able to get the most efficient performance possible out of your towel.

You should have the best of the top regarding the linens you use for your home. Ark Facility offers hotel-quality towels, which are ideal at home. Our towels are incredibly absorbent and sturdy and last for years if you take the proper maintenance. We have luxurious towels that are luxurious and feel great each time you utilize them. They’re ideal for bathrooms at home.

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